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    China Market Entry

    As we enter the 21st century, the unparalleled opportunities offered by China and other Asian countries make expanding into these markets vital to any companies worldwide, no matter how big or small.

    To succeed in this competitive environment, no company can afford any costly mistakes. AsiaNavigate helps our clients navigate these fast growing markets, especially China - the fastest growing economy in the world. So, you can get it right the first time.

    Our standard market expanding services include:
    • Map, profile and interview potential customers
      • Identify possible customers in a new market
      • Interview candidates to test market conditions
      • Deliverable: potential client database with analysis on market opportunities

    • Map, profile and interview potential distributors
      • Identify distribution channel and potential distributors/partners
      • Interview candidates to select strong partners
      • Deliverable: tested database of in-country distributors who meet your criteria and interest in reselling your products or services

    • Competition landscape
      • Identify, interview and visit of competitors' sites
      • Study competitors capabilities, strength and weakness
      • Deliverable: insights of your competitors' capabilities, market positions

    • Blind interview of your existing customer
      • Assessment of your customer loyalty
      • Study your company's strength and weakness in marketplace
      • Deliverable: analysis to improve your performance in target country
    For companies want to expand their reach in China, contact us today to make China your competitive edge.

    "Global Thinking, Asia Reaching, Local Acting"

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