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    Services and Solutions

    AsiaNavigate is dedicated to provide clients with value-added services and solutions when the clients are considering reduce product cost or expand markets into China and other Asian countries.

    Email or call us today for a free quote on product sourcing or an assessment on market expanding opportunities.

    AsiaNavigate has expertise to provide a full range of services to make Asia (especially China) your competitive edge:

    • Generate synergy from whole Asian region, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.
    • Provide product sourcing services by using an efficient and cost effective approach
    • Perform quality inspection to ensure the factory deliver the required quality level
      • Pre-Production First Article Inspection
      • In-Process Production Inspection
      • Pre-Shipment Inspection
      • Factory and Social Accountability Audit
      • Container Load Supervision
    • Assist trade and logistics management
    • Design Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution
      • Flexible manufacturing planning (FMS)
      • Total Quality Management (TQM)
      • Materials requirements planning (MRP)
      • "Just in time (JIT)" delivery
      •  Low inventory solution
    • Enforce market expanding
      • Geographic Targeting
      • Business Process Planning
      • Strategic Alliance with Local Market Leader

    "Global Thinking, Asia Reaching, Local Acting"

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