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    Corporate Setup Program

    As China becomes a major player in low cost country sourcing, more and more European and US companies begin to establish their own manufacturing operation in China, including many medium size companies.

    AsiaNavigate applies its expertise and in-depth understanding of local culture, business practices in assisting foreign based companies set up their own operation in China, from small Representative Office, to Import/Export companies, Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) to Joint Ventures, our services include:

    • Location Selection
    • Local Suppliers Identification
    • Local Staff Recuitment
    • Product/Component Sourcing
    To set up a manufacturing facility in China, the company should consider:
    • Intended business scope and function of target location should be matched, for example, some development/economic parks have specific function, such as free trade, biochemical or export oriented purpose, thus there are some special policies for these functions.
    • Access to distribution channels, i.e. regional and market access factors.
    • Transportation cost and convenience.
    • Infrastructure, including power and water capacity.
    • Ease of procurement of supplies and materials.
    • Human resources support, especially for hi-tech or skilled worker needed projects
    • Incentives, which the local government offers to attract investment, such as, income tax holidays, VAT tax refund, financial support etc.
    Besides the above, the general legal environment and environmental issues are also need to be considered, because the difference among regions is still existed in China, not only on wealth but also on legal enforcement issues, it will probably impact on future business operation.

    AsiaNavigate will be able to advise potential investors on these issues and allow our client get it right the first time.

    If you plan to set up a business in China, contact us today to reserve the service and make China your competitive edge.

    "Global Thinking, Asia Reaching, Local Acting"

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